Staying Safe on the Water

Having children on the boat can cause worry – anything can happen. However, you can be safe as you leave the palm beach county docks and stay safe throughout the ride. Kids can have a fun and safe time boating with you as long as everyone is prepared and ready for the ride.

Use Life Jackets

Life jackets keep your children safe if they are weak at swimming. It also keeps them in plain sight with the bright colors of the vests. Test jackets to make sure they are fully functional before going onto the water.

Take Swimming Lessons

Kids should be prepared for anything on the water, and this includes having to swim. Swimming lessons before getting on the boat can reduce the risk of drowning and increase the safety of everyone on the boat. Make sure children know proper techniques and can float.

Use Bug Repellent and Sunscreen

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Sunscreen is necessary to keep damage from occurring to skin and protect it from developing diseases like cancer and skin disease. Bug repellent keeps your children safe from insects that could cause painful bumps that itch. Keep both of these handy when going on the water with children to reduce discomfort.

Have a First-Aid Kit On-Hand

A lot can happen on the water, but you can be prepared with a quality stocked first-aid kit for every emergency. Make sure that you have vinegar as well as gloves as vinegar can help alleviate and treat stings from jellyfish. Tweezers are also useful as well as waterproof band aids and gauze. A safety flare should also be included in the kit but keep it safe from children.

Keep your children safe on the boat and have a fun time for hours while staying safe. Keep these tips for boating with children in mind and have a great time on the water.